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Novel pumped and non-pumped collector-systems Print

Solar-thermal collector systems are currently produced in rather cost-intensive manufacturing processes utilizing a variety of different mostly non-plastics materials. While the world market for non-pumped solar-thermal systems (thermosiphon systems and integrated storage collectors) continuously exhibited extraordinary growth rates over the last ten years, the European solar-thermal market, which is dominated by pumped flat plat collector systems, was found to stagnate or even shrink over the last four years.

Hence, overall objective of the present project SolPol-4/5 is to develop market-competitive pumped and non-pumped solar thermal systems in all-plastic or a hybrid-material design. These novel systems should exhibit the following key-characteristics:

  • high degree of pre-manufactured components and optimized function integration,
  • reduced collector weight and ease of installation (plug&function),
  • high reliability and lifetime,
  • attractive design and appearance, and
  • reduced costs/prices as well as an improved cost/performance ratio.

In terms of economic and ecological goals the project strives to contribute towards re-stimulating the European and Austrian market deployment for solar-thermal hot water supply and for space heating, while simultaneously significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore and simultaneously, the position and competitiveness of Austrian solar thermal companies should be significantly strengthened.

More specifically, by applying a science-driven approach guided by and based upon strong industrial-technological experience, the project pursues the following 2 major goals:

  1. To conceptually develop, practically build, function-proof and evaluate highly polymer based, pumped collector model systems achieving systems costs reductions by about 50 % compared to current systems.
  2. To develop novel non-pumped, integrated storage collector systems in all-polymeric or a hybrid-material design, that combine the attributes of high comfort and high quality/reliability with low-to-moderate costs.