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More specifically, the 3 research work packages (WP) of SolPol-4/5 cover the following topics and tasks which reflect the methodology and approach and the results to be obtained.

WP-01: Low-Cost Pumped Systems 
Task 1.1:    Systems definition and optimization
Task 1.2:     Overheating controlled (OHC) collector with high polyolefin content in rigid and membrane design
Task 1.3:    Drainback collector in rigid all-polymeric and hybrid design
Task 1.4:    Conception of specific components, pre-fabricated/highly-integrated hydraulic stations and system integration
Task 1.5:    Economic and ecological perspectives
WP-02: High-Quality Non-Pumped Systems 
Task 2.1:    Single-loop integrated storage collector systems
Task 2.2:     Double-loop systems with integrated sensible heat storage
Task 2.3:    Double-loop systems with integrated heat storage based on thermoformed components
Task 2.4:    Economic and ecological perspectives
WP-03: Novel Materials and Test Methods 
Task 3.1:    High performance polyolefins for pressurized absorber applications meeting temperature, water/glycol and water/salt exposure requirements
Task 3.2:     High performance polyolefins for liner applications meeting temperature and environmental exposure requirements(water, air, chlorinated water)
Task 3.3:    Master-batch development for collector part applications and piping
Task 3.4:    Advanced multi-layer hybrid films for collector system applications(membrane, flexible pipe, insulation and heat exchanger materials)
Task 3.5:    Advanced methods for durability testing of specimen and components under superimposed mechanical, thermal and environmental loading