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The following research topics are covered in the five work packages (WP) of the Project, indicating the methods applied, the approach used, and the results to be obtained:

WP-01:    Performance requirements and test methods for polymeric encapsulation materials for rigid and flexible PV cells – Component specific definition of performance and property profiles incl. the quantification of physical and technical material properties and development and implementation of 'non-invasive' analytical methods for the comprehensive characterization of the aging behaviour of existing and novel encapsulation materials on the specimen and PV module level.
WP-02:    Novel polyolefin-based embedding films with optimised processing behaviour and performance - Preparation of novel embedding compounds, extrusion and characterization of embedding films and establishment of structure/property-correlations.
WP-03:    Polymeric back- and frontsheet films based on advanced compounds for continuous multi-layer processability – Formulation of extrudable back- and frontsheet compounds and (co-) extrusion, in-line-lamination and characterization of novel multi-layer back- and frontsheets.
WP-04:    Rigid PV modules based on novel encapsulation material systems – Discontinuous lamination, process evaluation and characterization of rigid PV-modules.
WP-05:    Semi-flexible and flexible PV modules based on novel encapsulation material systems - Discontinuous lamination and characterization of semi-flexible and flexible PV-modules.